Room To Turn Around


Cuba has a Bay of Pigs

Animal killers have pigs in bays.


California passed legislation mandating

that factory farmers at least give

the pigs room to turn around in the

narrow jails in which they are kept.

The "Pork Producers" (No one produces

a pig. They don't grow in patches.

They are fattemed for slaughter.

The Supreme Court rather than let

the humane law stand chose to give

the killers a chance to argue their

case for cruelty before the Court.



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patriciajj's picture

I'm sure the Court will rule

I'm sure the Court will rule on the side of profits. This is heartbreaking. They could afford to at least allow the tormented creatures to turn around. What is wrong with people!?


I do love your witty tongue-twisters. Keep up the great work.