Vegan Dogs


Many no longer want

Asian dogs murdered into meat.

And more and more want no more

animals slain for dogs' meat.


Footnote: There are over a million

websites about vegan dogs who

are smarter, stronger, gentler

and live longer than flesheating

dogs. Recently S. Korea's president

who has a pet dog said it is time

to stop killing dogs for meat.

Still others say that cows and pigs

have as much right as dogs to live.


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Starward's picture

The comment about dogs and

The comment about dogs and lambs being consumed, if the commentor so pleases, is, in my opinion, highly inappropriate; and has a tone of discourtesy unbecoming of one who claims to be a poet.  

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.


[* /+/ ^]

Stephen's picture

No discourtesy intended --- Just a continuing dialogue.

This is one of many conversations between the two of us on the subject of eating meat.  This poet has commented even more forcefully under my poems condemming the eating of meat which is OK with me. To me enforcing this idea that there is something morally wrong with it on cultures who have with relish enjoyed the meat of dogs is itself wrong. Dismantling of a long standing culture which eats dogs (As the priest's also did when they forced conversion upon native Americans) is equally abhorent to me. (Thouugh I may vehemently disagree with this poet's opinion, I will fight to the death defending her right to that opinion and my right to vigorously respond.) As I write this response, I am gleefully  sucking down raw (ie living) oysters relishing them as they die in my throat.

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The bounty of the earth is here for mankind to consume ----

Including dogs and cute little lambs if I please.