Fish Poems 8 And Fish Stories 33

A Fellow Creature



First cut off his fin
It's his steering wheel
Then chop off his lungs
He can't breathe without
his gills.
Then gouge out his eyes
for he no longer needs to
And scrape off those
inedible diamonds
.. his diving suit scales.
of the size of his tail..
and how you left
in the water
a wake of bloody trail.

De-gut him, deluded
into thinking..his
guts are more putrefied
than the rest of his flesh.
Then grill his gills
and fry his eyes
and bake his mad fish muscles
and maybe wish on his bones.

How to serve a fish:
cast your bread upon
the waters in which he
freely swims.


Buster Crab
was a fisherman named
after Buster Crab.
He was a crab buster
.. but in the long
run the crab
was the buster it awful
that he eats offal
.. causing hepatitis
..and meningitis?


Do fish feel pain?
Do they suffer?
feel agony
when human others
do them smother?
the terror in their eyes
.. the gasping for breath
in the boat
.. the fighting against
the hook
which is caught in gills
or throat or eyes..
are these signs of
Are they children
of the same Father Mother?
our sisters and our
Are we recipients of
stolen goods when
their dead bodies
are on our plates?
By God given feelings..
yet like stroke
they cannot scream.


Casting bread upon
the waters of the
sea.. the biggest
the one with the
most room..
like snow it sifts
gently down
.. vertical axes
.. intersecting
the horizontal
axes of fish
moving to and fro..
.. no collision
.. no nails
.. no pain


He decided no longer
to bury the parts
of other animals
in his stomach.


How can one tell
if a fish weeps
when he's immersed
in the briny deeps?
He weeps for those
caught in the nets
.. he'll destroy
those nets
before sunset


He was an ichthyologist
and also an angler.
He studied fish
in order more efficiently
to murder them and devour
But some day he would
suddenly realize
he loved them...
and then he would change.


Creatures they rip
from seashallows
for the divine nature in
fishes they do not hallow
.. as they piscean dismembered
parts swallow
.. the human body
becomes a gallows

1 A man took his daughters fishing in Tampico Bay in Mexico.. and was spiked by a large catfish who severed his hand artery. His life was saved as he was able
to get medical attention for the profuse bleeding. His daughters did not want to fish
and would never fish.
2 . J Barkas an editor at a NY publishing house goes fishing and catches a hook in the fish' eye. She never fishes again.
3  Paul W, at the Soldier and Sailors' Home in Washington, catches the same fish out of the pond virtually every day for 10 years.. each time pulling the hook from the throat.. sometimes with flesh attached. PW died of throat cancer. (The child of a wellknown presidential
candidate went to a hospital to be treated for his flyfishing hook which was imbedded in his nose.)
4. St. Blaise is considered by Catholics the patron saint of
protection from fishbyproducts since he is said to protect the lives of those choking on fish bones.
5. One national cancer association reports that fish consumption is related to stomach cancer.. those countries with the highest fish consumption having the highest rates. Included are Korea, Japan, Norway, Chile etc.
6. The EPA issues 3500 warnings against fish consumption in one year alone.. because of high levels of pcb's (polychlorinated biphenols),
arsenic, chromium, mercury and dozens of other toxic metals etc.
7. One fisherman reports that after seeing the fishes gasp for air in the bottom of his boat.. as they slowly suffocate.. he will never
fish again.
8. Syndee Brinkman: I went snorkeling and saw how gently the fish welcomed us into their world.. and how violently we welcomed them into ours.. I never ate an animal or fish again.
9. EB was a fisherman all his life and lived into his mid nineties. He stopped fishing after he dreamt one night that he was tiny and a fish was very large. The fish had him on a hook. The sale of fish brings 54 million to the state of Maryland, whose governor has just prevailed on 3 chains in the Washington area to begin again to sell Chesapeake fish despite the pfiesteria disease. One factor of many in the disease of the fish might be the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant, which raises the temperature of the water
in the area.
10. NPR caller, Oct 27, 97: My mother never got to see the same military
MD twice, so it was years before medical detectives realized that her Saturday headaches were caused by her Friday fisheating with an allergy to iodine.
11 NPR November 6, 1997: Dr. James Porter of the Univ. of Athens at Georgia is studying the many new fishes diseases such as black band and white pox. He says that increased shipping, increased pollution, and overfishing (perhaps an oxymoron) are factors for the rise.
In one year, says the EPA, the coral diseases have quadrupled.
Snorkelers are advised that coral is not a dead rock but a colony of living animals
and therefore asked not to remove them.
12 . U.S. News and World Report Nov 24, 1997: One of the strains causing food poisoning in shellfish is Vibria Vulnificus.
13. The phrase 'fresh fish' is an oxymoron. The corpus
has become a corpse.
14. Prince Philip is one of many in a coalition concerned about fisheries exhaustion. A network news show in May reported that many penguin babies are expected
to die because there are not enough fishes for them to eat.
15. There have been many fraternity house deaths from choking in an attempt to swallow live goldfish and other fish. (May God bless those souls.)
16. Many fishermen and women have drowned, e.g. Jerry Garcia's father. It is the most dangerous of all occupations.
17. 150,000 turtles drown every year in shrimp nets, says Eric Bates of the Texas Observer There are also over 100,000 dolphins caught in tuna fish and other nets, and many whales are caught in lobster lines. Lisa Simpson of the Simpsons rescued a fish caught in a 6 pack plastic
holder and threw him back into the water.
18. While the UNFAO The United Nations Food and Agriculture
Organization says the oceans are dying and there are not enough fishes for those who want to eat them, the Dept. of Interior in July sponsored a
week of promotion of fish suffocation, teaching children to inflict pain.
19. The Texas Dept. of Health states that 245 people have been victims of illness from oysters in Galveston Bay. The bacterium is Vibrio parahaemolyticus. 208 people have had oyster illness in the Northwest.
20 The Oklahoma Dept. of Env. Quality has asked pregnant women to avoid catfish in certain parts of Oklahoma because of high insecticide content in the waters and in the fishes. (
21. With asbestos in Lake Michigan, pcb's in the livers of polar bears in Alaska, oyster contamination in the Gulf from the runoff of the Mississippi, lipophilic insecticides in Lake Erie, pfiesteria in the Atlantic seaboard ..arsenic, chromium and mercury, pcb's, insecticides, fish killing old oil and every other toxin in the oceans, shellfish in the Northeast eating unprocessed human waste, where are there fresh fish?
22. Farmed salmon in the NW, says an NPR guest on Feb 24th, can be
released into the wild exploding new bacteriae into the ocean.
23. Arsenic poisoning (arsenic from the oceans is concentrated in the
flesh of fishes) creates lesions and warts on the hands. NPR
reported on Dec 29, 1998 that many million in Bangladesh are dying of arsenic
poisoning from its concentration in well water, and in water of the
24. Dr. Owen Parrett, MD has spoken of the worms present in Rocky Mtn.
trout. In Dec of 98, AP reported on a parasite worm affecting many
trout in Colorado, Idaho, Montana etc. The parasite causes the fishes
to turn in circles until they die.
25. Government recalls in Jan 99 18,000 lbs of Hansung salted yellow
croaker because of fear of deadly botulism.
26. An El Cajon California man reports that lightning struck
the metal poles (hooks and wires also?) of his group's lightning
rod fishing poles. They abandoned their fishing that day.
Campaign For the Abolition of Angling pisces@p...
is an international organization working to end the cruelty of
fish suffocation and fish throat ripping.
27. A young girl goes fishing in a lake.. and pulls her fish in
he hangs choking from a tree branch.
28. A shrimp man has a captive shrimp caught in the hair of his
armpit. August 29, 2000: NPR focused on melanoma. One of the doctor hosts mentioned that Japanese have higher esophageal melanoma incidence. Japan is among the top 5 in fish consumption. J Marcus: As they say, I don't eat anything with a face. That includes fish. is meat. That includes fish.
29. Because factory farmed fish are given bone meal
from other animals, the incidence of Mad Fish is on the rise.
30. Fish are becoming female or sterilized from the trillions of gallons of urine from cows and pigs and chickens given female hormones.. urine whose hormones remain in the waters.
31. Why are shellfish not kosher? Because they are coprophagous
or wasteeating and process the human waste coming from
Atlantic seaboard cities.. Shellfish are the number two cause of hepatitis.
32. The child of a wellknown presidential candidate went to a hospital to be treated for his flyfishing hook which was imbedded in his nose.


If someone is being killed, his or her voice is cut off.. protest isn't possible. That is true for every fish who was ever strangled by an angler.

They experience the pain of the hook

as humans their right to exist forsook.




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That's a perfect

That's a perfect illustration. If I may, I'll use that the next time someone claims that fish don't feel pain. What agonizing deaths they experience. Thank you for this. 

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Thank you Patricia


Thank you PJJ for being on the site, for your consciousness, brilliance,

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