Nonviolent Food For Dogs

A Fellow Creature


Vegan dogs are smarter
They are stronger.
They are gentler.
They live longer.
Why should some animals be killed to provide carcinogenic, toxic food to other animals?
There are millions of vegan dog websites. Cats too can be vegan if there is a taurine supplement.
One dog especially loves avocado, another one oranges. Howard Lyman sued twice by Amarillo cattlemen
(along with Oprah Winfrey who had him on her show) for allegedly libeling meat won twice in
the 5th Cicrcit courts. He had written that commercial dog food is entirely unregulated and can contain
roadkill. Others write that commercial dog food can contain the cadavers of euthanized shelter dogs and
a host of other filthy foods.

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Thank you for this crucial

Thank you for this crucial information. I had no idea that commercial dog food was defiled in that way. Sickening! 


It doesn't surprise me that the meat industry hauled Lyman into court as they do anyone who tries to advocate on behalf of the innocent and defenseless victims of their atrocities. Animal rights activists are facing more and more oppression as companies see their profits dwindle due to the rising interest in a plant based diet. 


The best way to fight back is to go vegan. Thanks for this info.