Senators Rand Paul, MD, Marco Rubio, RFK Jr & Judy Mikovits Vs Fauci


One can best decide

by knowing all sides.


Footnote: Senator Rand Paul, MD is an eye surgeon and like his father Ron Paul, MD is a

courageous truthtelling activist for the people.  I have never been and am not now a Republican. I disagree with Rand Paul about many things, but not about gain of function research.



Decide for yourself in watching Dr Paul ask questions of Dr Fauci.

May 11 2021

The following is an earlier debate between the 2 about masks.

Robert F Kennedy Jr and Dr Judy Mikovitz have articles about Fauci

from his scores of patents to his role in creation of the pandemic

FBI Investigated Fauci in 2014 but Comey pulled the plug

Senator Rubio tells Fauci those people censored for a year for telling the truth about the deliberate weaponization of coronavirus to attack humans

deserve an apology.

Dr Michael Yeadon, retired Pfizer VP, petitions Europ vacean Union health

authorities to withdraw Pfizer vaccine because it damages the placenta.

The sterilization or damage to reproductive systems is a characteristic of

several of the vaccines and other medications Bill Gates has funded.

Perhaps a majority of the world's people think population should be

controlled, but sterilization without consent is wrong.

 Reckless gain of function (euphemism for bioterror) labs at Ft Detrick, UNC, Wuhan etc are the cause of the pandemic. They were outlawed in 2014. Fauci in 2017 illegally brought back weaponization of viruses (bioterror) bioterror research back.

Robert Redfield, CDC director in 2020, told CNN's Dr Sanjay Gupta

that he believed covid virus was weaponized in a lab.

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It's commendable that your

It's commendable that your commitment to truth is so strong that you don't allow partisanship to interfere with your research. Few people can step away from ingrained beliefs and look at an issue from a completely objective perspective. I admire you for that. 


As for Rand Paul, I did attempt to do just that as I watched his exchanges with Fauci. The evidence he submitted in regards to Fauci's ties to gain-of-function research and the fact that such reckless research is being done in the US (I thought it was illegal here) was very disturbing. 


As for the debate about masks, I felt his arguments were coherent and even convincing, (Never thought I would use those words to describe Rand Paul) however, I was annoyed that Fauci didn't point out that masks never did protect the wearer but were meant to control the spread by someone who may be a carrier, which many asymptomatic people are. 


I do empathize, however, with everyone who is fatigued and exasperated by this crisis with all its social and personal fallout, while many see no end in sight. 


I truly wish every single issue didn't devolve into political posturing with the nation sharply split down party lines. Thank you for sharing your viewpoints from a position of raw facts, objective research and reason. 


If everyone agreed with your opening statement, this world would be a far better place to live.