Food Ads, Children In School, Military Court Martials



With tens of millions of Americans without money to buy food

it might be kind of American tv and radio

networks to cancel food ads and cooking shows.


Many poor children have no laptops, no access to expensive internet connections. (In India, internet access is around $14 a month.) In addition, single parents must leave their jobs or leave their children home alone. The policy of shutting down schools is adding to the jobless rate and to

the 20% in the country who have no money for food.


Vegans, vegetarians, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Orthodox Jews, Jains, civil libertarians, scientists all object to compulsory vaccines with a 2.6% average rate of serious injury or death outcomes, with ingredients from cows, pigs, chickens, squid, African green monkeys, eggs, blood, a human fetal tissue strain, etc. In addition, pregnant women, immune challenged people, those with asthma, COPD, allergies to vaccines, any foods, medications or vaccines are told by the British government to avoid the vaccine. Mercury, thanks to many well researched lawsuits, is no longer in pediatric vaccines but is now in flu shots. Formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate, untested nanoparticles and mRNA are some of hundreds of questionable vaccine components. Retired Pfizer VP and a German physician have petitioned the EU medical agency, asking that the Pfizer vaccine be withdrawn because it damages the placenta. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can cause anaphylactic shock, Bell's Palsy, high fevers as well.

Diane Feinstein worked outside her mandate for compulsory vaccination of school children and a denial of religious exemption  As of the end of January 2021, 18 billion dollars had been spent on vaccine purchases in the US, vaccines which many scientists say have no effect on

mutation varieties. In addition, many vaccines have been thrown away because of thawing out from the extremely low temperatures..

Court martials

Retired Pfizer VP calls for withdrawal of Pfizer vaccine

Science Editor of London Times reported that smallpox vaccine seems to have caused AIDS

ABC News reports more polio paralysis from vaccine than from wild virus. Other news sources give a figure of 70% of polio in world caused by vaccine.


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patriciajj's picture

You did an amazing job

You did an amazing job gathering so much important information. A lot to unpack, but this is certainly worth knowing. I'll take a look at your references. 


I wish everyone had your compassion for the millions suffering food insecurity. It does seem insensitive for networks to broadcast as if everything was normal. 


As a grandmother who is responsible for supervising my grandson's remote classes, I feel for all the parents who have to make the impossible choice between financial survival and their children's education. These are desperate times. Thanks for caring. 

Stephen's picture

Food ads and cooking shows

Or maybe take some of the profits from these and donate to food banks across America.