Privatized Prisons


Privatized prison profiteers
are more likely to keep inmates
in jail for as long as possible
... and more likely to serve low
quality food. They are less likely
to provide libraries, proper health care,

secondary and college classes,

vocational training.

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country 4 sale

post office has big pile of retirement fund - private firms are salivating. Prisons shoul be for most ugly incorrectableost heinous criminals only. Hang a sign on ms liberty.  business closing-everything must go. under capitalism, everythimg is for sale.



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an excellent point  Since

an excellent point 

Since 1789 or whenever the post office was founded, it has been a public service, not intended as a money maker... how are the immobile, the poor

able to send packages by Amazon or FedEx or UPS


A post office employee I know said that since the slowdown and loss of overtime, liveshipped animals are dying even more frequently on the docks

Thank you A

I will add your point about the retirement fund in speaking to others