Is There An Eternal Hell



Would an omniscient God, a Creator of past, present and future, One who had foreknowledge of all, fashion a soul simply to suffer agony forever in a hell? Is such a concept antithetical to God as infinite and eternal Love?


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The answer is simple.

No! ! ! !

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God created us with free

God created us with free will, knowing that some people would use that free will to choose against Him.  Their choice would be so adamant, again by their own will, that they would not want to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.  (Milton expressed it best in "Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven."  Hell was intended for the devil and his rebellious angels; but human beings can choose to go there eternally, if they so desire.  We are only aware of just one person in hell---the rich man who mistreated Lazarus---and the Scriptures assure us that God does not want anyone to end up there; but will respect their choice if they refuse to alter it permanently.  Unfortunately, many Christians prefer to major on hellfire and brimstone rather than Christ's salvific work, and they will answer for that when they face Him eventually.  The very people who so loudly and insistently recite John 3:16 often misunderstand the joyous and assured salvation message all throughout John's Gospel. 


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