Yet, You do not care

I cried for you.

Yet you do not care.

I showed you that I was different from other men.

Yet you do not care.

I proved my love to you in so many ways.

Yet you do not care.

I stayed with you when all have turned their back on you and left.

Yet you do not care.

I speak to with respect and honor.

Yet you do not care.

I have shown you a bigger picture of our future together and taken the steps to make it so.

Yet you do not care.

I tell you, I just need to talk.

Yet you do not care.

I tell you I miss our friendship.

Yet you do not care.

I tell you that I love, need, and miss you.

Yet you do not care.

Here, you go, take the gun mi carino, close your eyes and pull the trigger.

As I feel the pain of the bullet pierce my heart. I think that now just maybe, I can rest.

As my body crumples to the ground, just maybe.

Now you finally see my pain; Oh now you undersstand.


30 Aug 2011




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Bullet Love

Time to move on - that ain't gonna happen. Talk unrequited vs. never in this lifetime.


I visited and met your mom and dad

and little sisters, but you could not wait

for me to leave.


I walked you to school, carried your books,

met your friends and treated you

and the ladies club with respect until

you asked me to please go.


I waited after class, washed your dad's car,

bought candy when I arrived uninvited,

left with tears on my shirt against

too your harsh expulsion.


I guess you don't care and I am left

in misery, loving you perhaps too much.

One who loves this deeply and truly

hurts hard and the heart weeps.

Guess I came on too fast and free

and scared you into not caring

for me at all.