My Heart Breaks…

My heart breaks but I hold my feelings to myself not wanting to bother you.
My heart breaks as I stare at my chest, and realize the pain has taking over my whole body.
My heart breaks as the tears run down my cheeks as I cry silently; only needing you to hold me in my time of despair.
My heart breaks as I choke on my tears, knowing now that you do not want me.
My heart breaks, as I sit here and think of you. I speak to you and tell you of my pain, yet my words go unheard.
My heart breaks, after all my words of pain, love, and loneliness. You then reach out to me but with no emotions or care in your eyes or actions.
My heart breaks as I know that the pain that I feel means nothing to you, and know I do not matter to you.
My heart breaks knowing that you call me your King yet you treat me as I am the mud under your shoes.
My heart breaks, as I wait for you to realize that I am here and I wait for just one word from you that I exist.
My heart breaks, my heart yells, my heart is bleeding with the cuts so deep and painful that I only require your touch to mend it.
My heart breaks, you have told me that you would let me know of certain things, yet you walk by me as I am not even your man.
My heart breaks with tears of pain, I give my all yet I do not know what to do anymore.
My heart breaks because I ask nothing of you but your love and respect.
My heart breaks…



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25 December 2010
(Written on this day when I die alone.)

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