Your hands…

Your hands…

Your hands once caressed my face and told me how beautiful I am.

Your hands now inflict pain when they come across my face because you are angry.

Your hands once held me tight so we could be as one when we made love.

Your hands now hold me down so you can punch me in my ribs and break them.

Your hands once held my hand and gently guided me to where we wanted to go.

Your hands now grasp on to my wrist with such force that I faint from the pain of a broken wrist.

Your hands once massaged my body when I was tired and need rest.

Your hands now leave bruises that are purple on this body that you once cherished.

When you come to me, my hands automatically rise for protection from the barrage of strikes that I must endure.

Your hands…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dedicate this Poem to the Battered Women and Men that stay in an abusive relationship for fear, ladies fear not for there are those that would protect you, if only we knew. Though there are not many cases where men do come forward, we know that it happens.
I also dedicate this poem to my Mother, for her courage to leave.
Written on the 14th of April 2007

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Strong stuff my friend. I almost feel it should have an age certificate such is the content. Excellent read and very well put. Powerful read.Enjoyed, in its context of course. Cheers.