A state of mind...

“A state of mind…”

   As I sit here and contemplate the urge the ravaged my body and soul, I know that the source of wanting has to do with you. Not in the sense that the feeling with drive me to do things I do not want but drive me in a way that I must have you.
   As I sit here and know that my urge comes from within and the back of my mind is bombarded with pain, pure unwavering pain. It is the need to kiss and hold you; it is just a little part of me that wants that. The other part wants the caresses, the biting, the pulling of your hair, the moaning from within that you exhale when that certain climax is reached.
   As I sit here, my emotions run afoul. Oh to have you near at this time of need, one cannot put the outward manifestation of this excitement into words. I must act on it, and you my dear are not the victim but will be the receiver of pleasure.
   Such is the immense feeling that I have for you. For in this, you will feel free. My arms will hold you tight; my hands will stroke your soft warm skin. My eyes will tell you things that are unspoken. My lips will kiss every part of you, some seen and some unseen.
   Know that in these lips of mine you will be set free. Not free in a way that you will fly, but in a way that you will know who you really are. A woman needing the pleasure that I can provide, one who knows that I am your man.
   So mi amor, I must take what I really came for and whisper softly in your ear, “ Let me but taste the nectar of your life and I will make you Immortal.”  

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