Mother, is the word that describe my love for you.

Mother, your tender touch always so soothing.

Mother, your eyes which speak of amore but not a word uttered.

Mother, hands that held me in times of need but were also firm in

times of punishment.

Mother, your graceful face was what I first saw every morning.

Mother, your laughter was like a thousand birds singing as one.

Mother, your walk said you believe in yourself and what is yours.

Mother, you cherished your children like we were the last ones on


Mother, you loved and sacrificed, and made us who were are.

Mother, now I wish to sacrifice and want to take all your pain.

Mother, now I know of the pain that you held back and suffered alone.

Mother, now I wish to have you by my side and protect you.

Mother, may I hold you as you once held me in my time of pain?

Mother, may I inhale all that has caused you discomfort into my inner


Mother, may I be strong for the both of us, for I feel confusion in

not knowing what to do?

Mother, you who has been there for all eternity it seems.

Mother, may I be the one to kiss you goodnight?

Mother, may I sit by your bed side and watch over you?

MOTHER.....July 11th 2003.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to a good friend of mine, Jennifer W.
Christenson and her mother. For I know of the love that they
share.....Jennifer's mom passed away in 2004, Roboam Frenchy Brea

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