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Look up, look up, don't look at the ground

your soul may have been lost but now it's been found

keep looking forward keep your eyes straight ahead

there's no going back to the past that you dread

Look up, look up, stop facing the floor

what a terrible view for those eyes I adore

who cares if they whisper?

who cares what they say?

your nobody's slave leave those chains where they lay

who cares if there laughing?

who cares if they stare?

you know your friends love you and will always be there

Look up, look up, keep your eyes off the Mat

you and I both know  your better than that

just keep moving forward, it will all be okay

don't be concerned with the games people play

the world can be hateful and it can be cruel

but keep looking up and the world you will rule

look into a mirror and what do you see?

a beautiful angel who deserves to be free

free from the torment, free from the tears

free from the suffering endured all of these years

Look up, strait up, away from the floor

you don't have to be turning there wheel anymore

you've been through so much, and you've suffered great falls

you've been trapped in there Prison without any walls

but your nobodies prisoner, you've done nothing wrong

so step out of your Armour and hear the Earth's song

so look up, yes straight up, and gaze at the sky

the stars will be yours, I'll teach you to fly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a friend who didnt have an easy past

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Eurypterid Antares's picture

Hi Robbie! This is Erin (yah know, the one with the hair, the eyes... and the clarinet 8P). I've told you before how much I enjoy your writing, particularly your uncanny sense of rhythm/rhyme. This poem is no exception. It flows beautifully, with the universal moral engaging every person in some unique way. I mean, who hasn't had their eyes on the floor at some point in their lives? I just have one question for you: do you want any gramatical/spelling suggestions? You obviously write from the heart, and convey your feelings very adeptly... I don't want to mess with that. Please let me know.
Anyway, please feel free to check out my writing (it's in chaos right now, I'm reorganizing). I'd really appreciate any suggestions you might have (maybe you can help me with my rhyme/rhythm 'cause mine sucks! 8S). Thank you for sharing your poetry. I'll be back to read some more...

Lorraine Reutter's picture

Robbie....great poem ...thoughtful ...good flow and rythem .....thankyou for sharing .....Lorraine :)

Vicki D's picture

The only line I don't like is "you don't have to be turning there wheel anymore" but other then that I like it all! :) I don't believe there to be any spelling...but I might have missed them..I doubt it...Nice :) love ya always Vicki

Melvin Lee's picture

Hi Robbie....it's been some time since i leave some words behind eh?~!...Still, i have been following your postings..Smilesz, keep it up~! I like the meaningful words u penned for this...and the sort-of revelation to let go and go forth. It can be so hard to help someone, more so when he/she has closed the doors to their hearts huh?~ Thanxs for sharing this event in your life, Robbie..... all the best to u, and take care~!