Mommy, Jessie tried to attack me with a weed eater
My sister tried to stab me.
It’s a nightmare Feeder. I was only 4.
Mommy are we poor? You lied. Daddies not a woman beater

Hotshot was my favorite transformer
Armada. Got dreaming I could be a performer
Playing with my pets and throwing fits.
I was 5 when my dad showed me a girl and her tits

Cinnamon, Corey, Charlie you will all be missed
A child with his mind tumbled. He was troubled.
“Baby, you’re so spoiled”
A couple years went by and my brother left the house,

I started to pounce. Like a cat. What happened to my cats.
Knowing my step dad they were taken out and smashed with a bat
til they felt pain or were slain.
Hiding under the mat I sat.

A fucking shame and my mom divorced my father.
Fucking lame. You don’t understand me.
Fuck off. Ill never be the same.
Said I was Autistic. But you misdiagnosed!

Stop trying to pass the blame
Stop trying to pretend you’re optimistic.
I don’t need a psychiatrist looking at all my problems.
Only I can solve them.

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