Things Change

Once I was privileged

I had enough to get by

More than enough to get high

I was raised and taught to always try


Then things changed

All of a sudden, I was broke

I felt different from other folk

But to the rest, I was just a joke


But then I found love

I was never alone

Always had my girl on the phone

She was closer to me than a clone


Then things changed

Suddenly I became jaded

Requited love became belated

What I once adored, I soon hated


But then I found friends

I had the most tight-knit crew

The family you choose, that much is true

They kept me blushing when I felt blue


Then things changed

Friends became failed relationships

Our bonds cracked like frostbitten lips

Our foundations shakier than belly-dancer hips


But then I found myself

For once in my life I felt alright

No drama to deal with, no battles to fight

I smiled in the mirror to my delight


Then things changed

I got so angry, I was always pissed

My mirror became bad luck after it met my fist

So I dug a reflective shard inches into my wrist

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Practice makes perfect

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