Lost Love, Love Lost


Adam's apple, the choice remains

Temptation is a dangerous game

How can one love the very same?

If one's Eve chooses to go against the grain

Pick and choose, a novice sport

Refuse to choose and you shall lose, rely on a last resort

If I try to call your name, will you just take it in vain?

The lust for love isn't the same, you choose to hurt and feel the pain

Resemble that of the race of Cain

These snakes in the grass, wrong social cue

Now my faux pas, my wrong move

So gulp down the lump stuck in my throat

Down the Adam's apple

Our connection is too remote

Bite down the apple, don't look back

For heaven's sake, don't look back

I found my trust in another source, but still hope you hold remorse

Love's a game, a petty one, the game of love began from day one

Travel down from the stairway, our concourse in heaven 

Will be someday.

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Ground's picture

Love games

I keep reading this.

There are pieces I think I might be inspiring me.

We will see. Though I might be too tired to write now.


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