On To Sleep My Memories

Jaded reflections dance

in the somber tears, sheath

By fallen memories.  Shaded

Visions lurk beneath crimson


a dark portrait of affinity.

A lonely marred torso

of unrelenting fear,

consumed in grief.


By malice’s brush, and

tainted with rancid dreams

Representation of an apparition

That haunts the soul, and is

tortured by

fallacies deception.

Spoken by silent screams

of misbelief’s wraiths, which

Consumes the core with a fatal

Lash of hatreds tongue, the faint

Aroma of bittersweet death looms

In the thick air, an asinine laugh

Befallen the eerie chill.

This Vile Apparition confronting

Me is reflected in the mirror, by the

Vast emptiness of my eyes. with these

Poisoned lips I am subdued in to this

Catatonic state from which I cannot


Stuck for ever in this forsaken


My light turned to dark,

shadows echo in the


The tattoo of belief

On my back has

Become a mere

Scrip-ture of false


While intoxication filters

Through my blood, my will

Falters; alas again I’m off to

Sleep my memories, cry.

Let us rest in peace.

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