Searching the Unknown......

                    Searching the Unknown......

How many more times must I endure the drones march,

the ho-hum of the muted tone sung lonely in my ear.

As the echoes of loneliness are surrounded by my tears.

Shed by circumstance, gathered and drank by fear.

Impaired reality charmed with the deceitful aroma of decay.

In marred reflections lucid dreams dance.

Where devious demons delve through my thoughts,

retrieving tainted memories shaded crimson like my soul.

Ominous impressions stained, masked and scared,

by the inconsolable neglections of my morality.

                      Searching the unknown……………

False truths spoken by betrayal depicted by dark hues.

Vengeful pretenses of transparent immortality conceal ashen shade.

Livid reverence of sorrowful emotions,

that are meaningless, vacant and void.

Disgraced by agitation, pondering the hellish revelations.

That lead to the opaque shadows of mournful transgressions,

by guises other than mine own.

Lamentation to the torment of hatreds desire,

summoned and carried out by the malice of ill will.

Lewd profanity that beguiles the delusional temper of voracity,

heightened by the taste of ecstasy.

             The essence of existence……

                           Searching the unknown………….

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