May 21, 2004 5:00 p.m.

These are my thoughts that fill my mind,

on this day at this very time.

There are really no thoughts rummaging around,

only longings, needs, and desires.

Some fulfilled,

some not.

But still, what if,

wonders among these feelings.

Delving into changing destiny.

But.... can't happen,

can't rewind time.

Each moment only a memory,

a feeling that is felt no more.

It remains in the past of a minute ago.

The time that wanders in a elusive line.

weaving deceptions,

speaking lies.

Suffocating life till dreams die.

Then here we are back in the beginning,

back to this certain time.

Only a day, or a year,

or a memory later.

Back to the beginning,

of the circle of life.

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