General Poetry

I can't handle this stress.

My heart is broken, my head is a mess.

Why has life become such a test?

Challenges that no human could pass.

Where am I going in this world?

Up and down, down and up,

no time to jump.

Running in circles.

Leaving ruts in the ground,

every time I turn around.

Hope, lies, and false beliefs,

concrete attached to my feet.

To hard to walk, to heavy to run.

All of this only seems to make my misery linger.

Hanging on the edge of a cliff slowly loosing my grip.

My sanity has been questioned.

Uncertainty rules my thoughts,

not knowing who I am.

Sensing a longing need that keeps me searching for something.

Of what I am not sure.

Memories are the devil knocking at my door,

the raven of the neither moor.

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