Give Me The Strength

Give me the strength,

to over come obstacles that I have to pass in this retched life I lead.  

Give me the strength,

to hold my head up high and walk proud.  

Give me the strength,

to find the courage that I need when life seems to get me down.

Give me the strength,

to help me off this dead end road that I always seem to find.  

Give me the strength,

to make it one day at a time.

Give me the strength, courage, and patience for my children that I need.  

Like the strength and patience that you have with me.  

Please watch and help my children as they grow and play.  

Give me the strength,

that I need to help them on the path they choose to lead.

Keep them from this dead end road.  

Give my children the strength,

to grow strong, and keep them from harm.  

Always keep them safe in your arms.  

Thank you for giving me the strength,

patience, and courage that I need.  

As I pray I realize that you are my strength,

you hold my hand each step of the way.

You are beside me each and every day.  

As one day I will walk in the promise land.  

You and I will be hand in hand.

Then I can show my children the strength they need,

as you have done for me.  

Thank you for being my strength.

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