The doorbell rang, we were expecting noone.

My wife went to answer it.

I could hear her clearly even at the back of the house.

“No thank you, we have no interest in that”

The salesmen, smelling a sale, is pushy.

Aggressively he continues his pitch.

“No, please just go away” says my wife.

I can hear the irritation in her voice.

I am not alone in this.

Under my desk a dog is growling.

Omega dog, waiting his chance, awaiting the signal

I become aware of a third voice, quieter, insistent.

“Can we come in to discuss it”

“See them off” I whisper.

The ancient instinct to protect the pack takes over.

The good natured, friendly, young setter,

Is horribly transformed.

Half a million years of cohabitation and selective breeding.

Fall away in an instant.

The beast that runs through the house.

Brushing my wife aside.

Is all wolf.

It is a short conflict, tires scream.

Peace returns to the house.

The wolf is gone, a contented young dog settles down to sleep.

I pick up the sales materials scattered in my garden.

By the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints.

If I had known that before,

I would have sent the rest of the pack!

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