Got the Life.

 There they go again, walking out the door.

Anger surrounds me, my tears silently hitting the floor.

 What am I to do? What am I to say?

I get put down for everything, perhaps run and play?

 It gets tiring, putting on my mask for everyone.

Happiness seems so far away, nothing ever seems to be fun.


 All I've known is that uncontrollable rage within me, waiting for a chance to be unleashed.

Whenever there was that sparkle of light, it's always outside of my reach.

 It's as if my own life was taunting me, the scars of the past taunting me.

Where can I run? Who am I to be? I don't know who to be.

The anger inside is about to peak, please help... 

Asking out loud hurts, I scream silently so no one can hear me yelp.

 Now it's coming out, my guts spilling out across the ground.

The monster's come out, the hammer is coming down.


 Everyone is going to feel my pain, 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still in work.

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