The Ninth Mother's Day

Nine Mother's Days have come around since the day when you perished.

The many years that we spent together are something that I'll always cherish.

You were such a great person because you cared.

When you died, I learned that life can be so unfair.


You were a wonderful mother and that's why I celebrate Mother's Day.

I knew that life would never be the same again when you passed away.

When you inherited $3600 in 1985, you shared it with my brother and I and Dad.

You were the most unselfish person in the world and when you died, it was so sad.


You weren't just a woman, you were a lady as well.

When you died in March of 2013, it hurt like Hell.

You were an outstanding mom to me and my brother.

Happy Mother's Day, you were the world's greatest mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Agnes Marie Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013

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Pungus's picture

A supremely emotional piece,

A supremely emotional piece, where I depend

on the eulogy of such a perfect person (your mom,

beseeching the same endearments as my own mom)

you capture the spell of timely serenity on rhythm

to the sweet, sweet love of our mothers' bewilderment

and we shall foerver and always cherish the way

she brought us up in this world, with zero dismay, loving,

and accepting to our perfected ways inherited.