The Loss of Lena

It's with great sadness when I say that we won't see her anymore.

Lena died in March of 2020 and she was born in March of 1944.

She is survived by her husband who is my Uncle James.

Losing such a special person is sad and it's also a shame.


James Greene Junior and Sharon Redmond are her two children.

After living for seven and a half decades, she has gone to Heaven.

She died just twenty-four hours before her 76th birthday.

Her loved ones are heart broken because she passed away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Lena L. Greene who died on March 2, 2020.

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allets's picture

sorry for your loss

I will pray you and your family ~ Stella



LeavingMyselfBehind's picture

rest in peace

A beautiful tribute to your loved one. It's clear she was special to you. I'm sorry for your loss.