Miss Labeled.

Searing pain rises...

Like lava from Mount Vesuvius.

But no matter what,

I'm "just a stoner, playing the victim in all of this".


But...they don't know me, I do.

"They" don't know half the shit I have been though.


I'm alive, this pain is proof.


To tell you the truth...

It's not my fault I have to smoke weed now,

just to hold down food.

I don't like "they",

"They" are fucking rude!

Judge me for smoking...

Toking a bit.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

"They" don't know SHIT!


It's called "Survival of the Fittest" for a reason!

What would you do if your stomach was bleeding?

What if you felt yourself;


From the inside out?

What if, only ONE thing, helped?

Call the medics?

Scream & shout?


"They" can't hear you.

Aren't willing to.

"They" are blinded,

By a cloud of smoke.
You are a stoner,

"They" find you to be a funny joke.

You were labled the second you told the truth.

"They" need you to throw up blood

& faint all night, for "proof".


"Drug seeking behaviour".

That's what you've got.

All because you smoke pot.

Which CANNOT possibly be your savior!

Helped you hold down water you say?


You have "drug seeking behaviour".


Oh, no job?


 Give me a moment, to find more labels.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sums up my current life. Wow I wrote something.

KindredSpirit's picture

out of all your poems

I picked this one

Out of the smokey air.

My state is voting on it Today.

Like the write.

The Natives say legalize it

And I have to agree.


StonedMorticia's picture

Thanks, I know I write sad shit.

My first tattoo actually said and does still say 420, and I am a fair measure native american...just an FYI.


KindredSpirit's picture

I haven't read much

You haven't been writing.

I read your last two and found

Them to be straight forward

To say the least.

I didn't think you were Native American

But you do have an  " Exotic Look ".

That is what I call it.

F the P.C. police.

I am a Quarter cuz my Grandmother survived.


Keep your head up

StonedMorticia's picture

No one has to read at all

My head is stuck in the up position. More in the sense of...having self esteem...not...yeah...


allets's picture

Pot Heaven


Dear toker: Medicinal has given way to States legalizing it (Colorado) for sale over the counter without prescription. The taxes will make the state solvent, like lottery dollars not sent to schools make the politicians fatter. When the world is unbearable (all kinds of pain out there) put the population to sleep - if they are high (not you, of course) then they will not riot for jobs and a roof. For pain I take Advil but I am not one of "They". Great poem! Enjoyed the honesty. ~slc~




StonedMorticia's picture

Reefer Madness

I am glad you enjoyed it, & I know...I know...I can't take advil...it causes stomach bleeding for me...