I live for myself.

I am not your subject of the hour.

I am the bomb ass bitch with the power.

High school, your ways are dumb.

I refuse to succumb;

To all of the "he said, she said" crap.

Fuck the television high school dramas.

Because I live all that.

I am your cutter, your writer, and your chronic nail bitter.

I am not here for your amusement.

So you best gets to movin' it.

I breathe for only me.

Because I know if I wasted my breath on you,

I'd be dead.

Always fucking with my head!

Too broken to be alive.

But strong enough to survive.

I've shoved your man made comfort up my nose.

And that is where the traces of blood came to be.

I suppose.

Shell of a human.

But I keep on moving.

You can't have my pulse.

The result of an impulse and a broken condom.

My father told me I wasn't meant to be.

But fuck him.

Because I live for me.

And only me.

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I know this isn't supposed to be funny... but parts I admit made me smirk... stuff like "I've shoved your man made comfort up my nose/ and that is where the traces of blood came to be"

And yes I agree with you that high school was dumb... but it passes quickly for most. I wrote a song about it on my own poems stuff so maybe you should check it out... called "Taking Everything Back". Might rock your fancy.