Tough Skin

Nobody wants me.

And that's the type of shit that haunts me.

Nice to meet you, I'm a psycho.

Ready, steady, set, go.

Cunts, bitches, & sluts, and hoes.

What do I feel?

No one knows.

Worth shit.

I'm nothing but a pair of tits.

Dear arm, stop bleeding.

Dear Liz, stop needing.

Wanting is bad enough.

And you think your life is tough?

It's shit like this that makes my skin so tough.

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

as much as this label shit may get to you... perhaps you label others in the process by calling people gossiping whores... so to speak.

Think of it this way... you're almost out of that stupid school... keep climbing. And let no one make you think less of yourself... keep up the writing as I see it sets you free...

perhaps a little metal music wouldn't hurt either heh.