I hear all these rumors.

Like fat and swollen gossip tumors.

I hear I'm a slut.

I hear I'm a whore.

I hear so much I don't even know what I am anymore.

I'm a bore, a real snore.

I try too hard.

My arms are way too scarred.

I'm a greasy tub of lard.

And no one really likes me.

Highschool is.

A big fucking conspiracy.

Hey bigshot highschool.

You owe me a fucking apology.

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Hey High School!

You owe me an education! I went to school inner-city, teachers too aloof to care about poor students - won't turn into anything anyway - and my teaching abilities are non-existent anyway, but you will never guess being ignorant. I got that a lot - I just read the library dry, then started on the stacks in the public library. Well said - slc