Hello world, I'm nocturnal

Hello, I don't sleep.

I have nightmares.

And terribly nappy hair.

Hello, I won't weep.

But I get choked up instead.

Between the space in my eyes

And the space in my heads

There are exactly 693 counting sheep.

All dead.

I've killed them for they have failed me.

They've all commited perjury.

Satanic fucking things.

I'll count the green crayons with orange wings, instead.

Soon enough those will all be dead too.

Hello sleep.

You fail me like a fat man's heart.

You give me bad dreams and gray hair.

For me to never sleep again, it's difficult to care.

Hello world, I'm nocturnal.

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I must say the sheep line was awesome... I dunno if you mean to be but this is actually humerous to me... sorry if it's not to meant to be. But I can definetly relate to your stuff... especially the high school bs haha.

besides... nocturnalism is always the fun times...