Everything, is gonna be alright.

I can still remember exactly what you taste like.

I cry myself to sleep at night.

With thoughts of you, darling.

Eyes so blue, amazing hue, with flecks of gold.

You are the one I want to watch me grow old.

& I want to watch you grow old too.

Because I truely, sincerely love you.

I didn't think I was capable of loving someone this much.

Half of my heart is in Cairo, & it won't keep in touch.

I cried the salty ocean that keeps us apart.

& on the other end of that ocean lies you, the theif that stole my heart.

I've tried others.

& their sisters and brothers.

& their mothers too.

But none of them compare to you.

I hold in my hands two pieces of a broken heart.

With no glue.

& I let you go with the wind.

I'll let you go.

I'll hug my knees, look up to the sky.

& wish you a goodbye.

I'll look up to the sun.

I'll squint my eyes at the light.

& I'll think "Everything, is gonna be alright."

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hmmm like it very much... inspiring a lot...it's very sweet and professionally done this poem with deep idea... yeah I am not wrong if I again say it that you are good poet with new subjects to express... sharing it if you will also like my expression of love based peace thoughts also( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with.... afzal shauq ) I am sure my this famous say will be satisfying your every worry about the humanity and social life and even friendship...yeah is the only answer to your questions raising in your mind about the happiest collective life.... yeah... we belong to same family of Adam...and we are true cousins..good friend...go on and on...