Torn Love

Dead love resides in my heart,

Fading away slowly,

Just like the gashes on my arms,

Deep crimson blood flows,

The pain flows away,

Deep slashes over skin,

Arm, calf, behind the knee,

Darkness surrounds,

Pitch black,

Bright red contrast,

Combinations of short and long slashes,

Blood rolling over and down,

Pain ceasing to exist,

Love that was burning,

Faded and burnt out,

Like a fire with no flame,

Pictures burnt,

Torn down,

Sitting there thinking,

Why it all happened,

Why it took so long,

Why it hurts so much,

Why its fading so quickly,

Angels surround,

Fairys and mythical being hang on the wall,

Never understanding why,

Playing with my mind and heart,

Tears fall with the blood,

I thought you were mine,

How wrong I was,

Dreams shattered,

Along with reality,

Life and also,

My heart.

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