Torn Love

Your mother hates me, your step dad hates me,
They wish I was dead, not in your life,
Wish you had never met me, don't know me,
Wish I never existed, want me out of your life.

Your mother has a burning desire for me not to be there,
She hates me, I just get that feeling inside,
Well if she hates me, I guess I'll hate her too,
I don't care what she thinks, it's what I think that counts.

Your step dad hates me too, doesn't want me in your life,
Wants me away, thinks I cause trouble, do I?!
I know he hates me, it's a gut feeling, I hate him too,
Do I look like I care at all what he thinks?! No!

Sorrow, pain, tears, depression, hurt, all come from two things,
I don't mean to blame them, but I think it's your parents,
The pain we live in isn't obvious to those around us,
It shines like a beacon in the fog to us, clearly, brightly.

The cold asphalt beneath my feet, the cold air above my head,
We suffer because of our love for each other, so strongly,
The hate we feel won't go away completely, but it will dull,
Let us enjoy the life we have chosen to live!

It hurts inside, I know why we hide, because we suffer,
We forced it down inside, deep internally, trying to forget it,
Knowing the pain is there, trying hard to forget it, then the spark,
Just make this all go away, why do we have to feel this way?

I want to keep it bottled down inside, keep it hidden,
It comes out, pain, sorrow, tears, depression,
My soul is bleeding for you to be here with me,
I need this, I need you, it breaks me to keep it bottled down inside.

Never again, I can't believe I let you go,
I'm staying with you next time, please don't leave again,
My heart bleeds for us to be together, my words have dissapeared,
It's always thundering in my head, I can't take anymore.

Suffering, the waves crash round my brain like daggers to my heart,
Pain internally ripping me open, making me eternally bleed,
I'm hiding, because I am suffering, from what I'm not too sure,
I forced it all down inside, I forced myself to suffer my pains.

Another day in my world, depression sets in as i wake, and then still as I sleep,
There's no way I can escape the feelings I feel deep down inside,
I've fallen inside your heart, and you in mine, together we love,
All I ever seem to do is cry when you're not about.

What's killing me, is the thoughts of you not with me,
Then I find you in my head, your eyes gazing into mine,
But I know I'm all alone anyway, until' you are with me,
Forever more and all of eternity, I want you by my side.

Are my screams loud enough for you to hear me?!
I sit here locked inside my head, remembering the things you have said,
The way you have touched me, held me, kissed me, looked at me,
I'm too fucked to make my own decisions when I'm locked in my head.

I sit on my bed, looking at your picture, over and over,
Crying because you aren't here with me, I feel insecure,
I can't see clearly, my eyes all blurred from the tears,
I lay here in bed, all alone, I feel I can't live, but I do, just for you.

Trying to make it through the day is getting increasingly harder,
I live for our tomorrow, knowing we will still be together,
I wish I could make it go away, but I can't,
A shot from over head, A shot to my head, never, not when I have you!

What would you do, if it was you? Would you die, live?
I feel so insecure now that I don't have you in my arms,
I feel like I'm drowning in my own tears I cry so much,
All this anger and pain hurts so badly, I feel like I want to give in.

All the shit dissapears when we are togehter, its so much better together,
I want to find you here, lying next to me in my bed,
Asleep in each other's arms, holding the other close,
I fall inside your arms, and you fall inside mine, but I'm alone.

The words you say to me,
Make me feel good inside,
You make me feel complete when you're around,
I love you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Stu. I think it's pretty self explanitary from the poem.

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