Fire Burns

Torn Love

I touch the fire and it burns me,

I look at it and im cold,

The heart that once beat in my chest,

No longer beats for you,

That flame has gone out,

I touched the fire and it burnt me,

I held it in my hand and heart,

Scars and sadness,

I thought I loved you,

I think I loved the idea of you,

Youre gone but the fire is still there,

It burns icy cold to the touch,

A brilliant shade of blue-white,

A deep purple hue on the flame tips,

I no longer look at you with love in my heart,

I do not hate you,

I simply dont feel for you anymore,

I am numb,

My heart beats but I do not feel it,

I touch the fire and it burns me,

I look into it and its dark,

My feelings for you have been consumed,

The fire ate them for fuel,

I am not mad,

I do not care,

Goodbye sweetheart.

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