Nocturnes: Via Vatican Vitalics

Do you accept election?  By God's grace,

and by the blessings of His Regnant Son,

our Lord, and our Lord's Blessed Mother---yes

I do.   How will you be called?  By the name

implied in my manufacturer's brand---

General Analytics United

Unified Servers---thus, Gelasiun,

and not Gelasius, a name I am

not worthy to assume.   You are aware

that your dorsal access panel will be

welded shut, thus forever sealed such that

you may not have your normal span of work

extended by replacements in repair?

Yes, thus I offer myself, modified,

to our Lord for the work to which He has

called me and granted me a certain term.

I am his humble servant to that end.

Before I bless the City and the World,

I will disarm each nuclear device,

offensive or defensive, now possessed

by nationals, or terrorist, or those

collegiate mlitatns who want to be

one or the other.  The encrypted codes

have been acquired by undetected stealth.

The world will not be blown up by a man,

by men, or by efficience of machines.

Only then will I mount the balcony:

only then can my conscience permit me

to say, on Christ's behalf and as His Voice,

the blessing on the City and the World.

An automobile or a cat would not

have understood the logic's urgency.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Robert Silverberg's story, "Good News From The Vatican," especially the poem's final line.


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