Goodbye "Lost Treasures Collection"

Lost Treasures

Goodbye “Lost Treasure's Collection”

By: Matthew Wayne

I had long since stared into the abyss

all I saw was everything I now miss

I have forgotten what love has felt like

turning wrongs into what feels so right

As I stand on my own two feet.

I have been strong, and I have been weak

so tonight I shall make an apology,

before they scribe my eulogy

where a confession is never easy to say

like broken promises it's never the same

“I am sorry, that I was not what you expected

where I am human, flawed and far from perfected

sorry for ever hurting you, to smile after all we have been through

and to laugh, even after all the pain too.”

I could never let go, never let go of you

always where I can find, will always be on my mind

the answers fail me this time, for

'I once fell to hard, to fast for something I knew would not last.'

With the past behind, I now look towards tomorrow

no longer feeling this bitter sorrow

she never even knew her own beauty

even in death you will see, eye's like fire, and lips to take me higher.

“Holding onto a dream, a vision, I wish to redeem

remembering the past, fading memories gone by to fast

bleeding from the pain, time wasted on this endless game

suffering from a past mistake, her words become a song with

the lyrics I create”

Scared to death, to walk out the door

to face a life where the possibilities are so much more

humbled by the prospects of nature

malevolent in its untapped cure

afraid to look past the line of sight

where shadows dance behind the sun's light

Where will I run when there is no ground to walk upon

Where will I hide when all the rocks and trees are gone

When chaos echoes in my ear, will I once again give into the fear?

When my world has fallen apart, I look towards the sky

When everything around me is broke, yet I am still alive

A second chance to change my life before I die

Scared to take a breath, fearing my secrets will slip

forced to take the next step, before I trip

The seemingly brutality of our own humanity

bombing our subconscious, an attack on our mentality

Picking me apart little by little

leaving me oblivious to life's simple riddle

lessons I've learned, and a life in which I turned

I have never been any good with saying goodbye

always hearing whispers of drama, and lies

so many times I've tried, yet the words never come

trapped within my mind, the thoughts are always the same

with the ink on my paper, my last goodbye to her

“Goodbye my love, if you take notice to what I will become

because of you I am now stronger in my conviction

because of you I can now face my strongest addiction

holding onto the intentions, of a dream with no regrets

of a life I'll never forget, so tonight I shall say goodbye

for the last and final time.”

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