Tangent Sept/1/08


“In a world wrecked in Violence and distress

a single spark of revolution can spread like wildfire”

Today the weight of the world feels heavy on my shoulders, as I try and muck through this mess and make sense of the chaos and insanity. At every turn lies and waits a mugger and martyr, Villainous to you a hero to his own. Tonight his family will eat at the expense of you and yours.

People are in a state of discontent you can smell it in the air while those on camera try and capture that feeling, they portray an idea that fits the theme but fails to entrap the essence of that stigma. They refuse to look deep within the source of the problem instead bandage and tapper the wound hoping it heals quickly, as lies like gangrene sets in and soon spreads fast. Their fingers poised on the trigger quick to cast blame even faster to cast doubt on anything that would jeopardize their money machine. If it does not make them money it does not belong in their vision, Technological giants where power and greed becomes a profitable market goal, and moral infants run the show.

No longer are we born free, but to an ever increasing debt. Long gone are the days of free speech and civil protest, replaced with silent conformity and civil unrest. We hold quiet the truths in which we witness, The lies and crimes of powerful men and women who walk from a broken justice system with a smile

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