God in Heaven - "Before I die"

Volume Two

God in Heaven - “Before I die”

By: Matthew Canning

Before I die, before I go

A journey I must take to free my soul

I was never very religious

held tight to my views, I was a bigot

your bible may not be real, but who says I cannot heal

There is a god in heaven, a universe so vast

It's engraved within our past

secrets lost to ancient tombs

A god within us all, and a heaven found in any room

harmony can show you the path

hiding behind egos, we all forget we wear a mask

trapped behind the material, where love now seems so surreal

I've got this one life, to prove my valor

for I am my own judge, and I will not cower

slowly my eyes creep open, no longer closed

our lives entwined I've grown more bold

No regrets, no burdens of guilt

a rose that is stressed will only wilt

No anger, no hate, or even jealousy

losing your center, lost your harmony

as I accept what awaits me at the end of my journey

there is a god in heaven, where the stars roam free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem on my spiritual views

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