also what is unseen



we species

who so seem

to minimize

our very essence-

enigmatic entities

shutters onscreen

of our captivity

with a rough clutching

and a-clinging to false

riddles of the wedding

ring, oh my darling

yet now is now is now

as we walk downtown

you call me a clown

and yet i am frowning

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patriciajj's picture

Very few poets can capture

Very few poets can capture the dichotomy of relationships (or anything, actually) with such startling artistic statements. As always, an arresting presentation of rare creative power. Much enjoyed! 

Pungus's picture

The generosity of your beautiful spirit

And nobody can capture TRUE LOVE as well as yourself, for whom I hope you save some for

at the end of the day

I never dreamed what it would be like

To cherish a creative son -Imagination