clean your combs



spores borne from cigarette smoke..

this thick little mist carrying pestilence

like that scene from Alien: Covenant

careful what you bear in this dank lair-

paired only with your shared seraph,

staring at you through bedroom walls..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Got me to thinking about Prufrock's yellow smoke... Wasn't Eliot a smoker of the Opium? Starward might be able to answer that.

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To the best of my knowledge,

To the best of my knowledge, Eliot did not use drugs.  He did drink, sometimes heavily, although my impression was that he got that under control by 1927 when he entered the Church of England.  His first wife, Vivienne, became addicted to opium due to mis-diagnosis of her medical conditions. 

Because so many decades have passed since my formal study of Eliot, and because there is far more known about his life now than in the seventies, I searched the net and found no specific mention, or even a speculation, that he had used opium.

Starward (S74w4rd in 1337)