Crimson Glare



Mr. Hermit and his fiery crimson glare,

like the vicious glare of surreal beasts,

seem to pierce the world with hot arrows

and are beautifully enhanced by blend

of a tawny tattered yellow shawl tossed

over a shaggy beige woolen coat with

a modest collar popped around his neck,

framing his supremely stern facial frown

and his bushy abysmal hair and beard.

His faded and soil-stained pair of jeans

drape past the tops of workman boots.


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I like your use of mundane

I like your use of mundane details in a combination that creates a felt effect.


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Borderline Copyright

The more I write, the more I can't help but to recognize how much your fated influence has manifested into my personal progression as a Poet. In other words, you have proved to be quite a crucial character to my literary livelihood indeed...

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Although I feel unworthy of

Although I feel unworthy of such a tremendous compliment, from an accomplished Poet I admire without reservation, I humbly and most GRATEFULLY accept it from you, as one of the finest gifts I have ever received from anyone; on this cite, or elsewhere, or in my personal acquaintance.  Anything else I might say would sound like gush . . . but be assured, that, although my legs are virtually useless right now, I will be, in spirit, jumping up and down for joy.


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