Coy Eyes



V--- is overwhelmed; her coy eyes

reflect the Rainy Rainbow Blossoms

and vivid dance of various plants.

This Dude is like a peacock flaunting

awesome aspect painted in feathers.

She has never seen this back in city.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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patriciajj's picture

You choreographed the intense

You choreographed the intense attraction with casual flair, wit and a sparkling style. Every intriguing line hints at a meaningful connection ready to happen. Pure delight. 

Dalton's picture

Thanks For Following Along

I am just happy not to be writing in gibberish anymore.

Starward's picture

The backstory continues to

The backstory continues to build, and the implied questions continue to pile up.  


[* /+/ ^]

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I must thank you personally for that word.

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No thanks is neccesary, but

No thanks is neccesary, but certainly much appreciated.  I continue to admire your poetry more and more.  Forgive me for the delay in some of my comments---I am at a sort of "critical juncture" in my own poems, and I sometimes get too caught up in that to keep up.  That is my flaw, and is not reflection upon the sincerity of my admiration for your highly artistic Poetry.


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