Calm Reaper

No Eyelids


Reflections of the Self

warp and suck me into

the fiendish functions

and frenzied fragments

of a shattered mirror---


a gleaming dreamworld

and redundant bookshelf

where an intercom sits

transmitting strangeness.


Never stop wrapping me

in wicked wondrous web.


The Calm Reaper scythe

rips apart confusion led

by sustained secret chaos,

immaculate information.


Reality diminishes quick

as oysters are harvested---

dining on our own demise.


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Januarian's picture

Can I follow up with a question

Can I follow up with a question?


[* /+/ ^]

Pungus's picture

Sure thing bada bing

Go go go for it.

Januarian's picture

I like this one very

I like this one very much---especially the alliteration, and the very coy reference to the Walrus and the Carpenter, and Lewis Carroll's poetry, at the end.


[* /+/ ^]

Pungus's picture

Thank you Mr. Muse

I had to change it, because it was outright plaigarism.

Januarian's picture

I noticed you dropped the

I noticed you dropped the line about the looking glass.  Is that the plagiarism to which you referred above?


[* /+/ ^]

Pungus's picture


It is... I confess that I had taken it from a separate source than that of my own original making.