Crazy Cosmos


"Warmest Greetings, Young Cosmonaut,

and welcome to Launching Station 6000!

I am Commander Zentrik, here to help.

"You will be shot into space soon, and so

your mission is to infiltrate The Seventh

Moon of Ackradoom. Yes, there has been

a sudden emergency with the Big Lizards:

they have slithered, finally, to the surface

with their One Great Hostile Heart. 

"But do not be burdened by bad thoughts,

because they are futile creatures, though

rough around their sickly scaled edges, 

brimming with hatred toward everything.

"We do not wish to see them evolve.

We must be wary with such War Waste.

We must keep the pureness of life safe

and chaste til the Sallow Star explodes.

"And so you know that you will be sent

thither to repent us of those Reptiliansss.

It shouldn't prove problematic, trust me.

Those belching beasts are easy targets,

especially from your assigned crafts,

Perfect Ship: Destroyer, and Flying Abyss,

equipped with supersonic lasers

that you will find are destined not to miss."


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will possibly continue writing this through today.

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Januarian's picture

This is fantastic!  Let me

This is fantastic!  Let me say it again . . . FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Like two of my favorite prose writers, H.P. Lovecraft and James Tiptree, Jr., you create, by implication, a huge backstory with a few well placed, and very coy (and provocative) references.  And you do this in a brief poem---far more accomplished than mere prose (no disrespect intended to H.P. or the Tip o' the Tree).  Yes, I sure do want to know what happens next in the poem's narrative; but I also want to know more about this science fiction world you have created.  Can this become a long sequence of poems?---I hope so.  And will it demonstrate your obvious Poetic skill (which we see, here_?---I know so!!!


[* /+/ ^]

Pungus's picture

I plan to

Since it is a new style for me (which is proving fun),

it is only a matter of seeing what manifests, if anything.

But I have the habit of dropping whole stories midway.