Life and Its Canvas


The World
A blank canvas sitting in wait
Slews of swatches prepared to create life
Lying dormant in the cosmos
Until a breath of life consumes them
Every motion that much more powerful
Emotions uncontrolled
Color rising
Saturation building
What was once lifeless
Now being

The Creators
Pathfinders in the depths of desire
Crying out for something
Anything to guide the lines they have drawn
Embracing the nothingness
Exposing the darkness
Rash decisions left as proof
Mortality is truth

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Nicely written piece!

Nicely written piece! Especially the last two lines, very moving.

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Thank you, Laurness. I

Thank you, Laurness. I appreciate the kind words, and the friend add!

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Yes every line in this poem. Passionate and deeply felt and the last line summed the write nicely - Lady A



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Personal Favorite

This poem had been the first thing I had written in a very long time, and the emotion that came from it, gave me the desire to start writing again. Thank you for the comment.