Those days I dreamt of  yesteryear.

Those memories of special times.

Of days we spent that time together;

Like Friends do so in Life....

I long to see your smiling face.  

To hear your encouraging words.

To spend those times we spent together.

That now I miss so much.

For this I know.  You are missed.

Each and every day.

And we will see each other.

But just another day.

And it will seem like, we were never even apart.

And "My Life" is much Fuller, because you played a part.

But this I know for certain. 

Your Forever in My Heart.

That I am Blessed Because if You.

For God planned it from the start.

By:  Denise M. Hall

John 15:13. There is No Greater ♡ "Love"♡ than to 

                      lay down ones Life for one's Friend.

Proverbs 18:24. A Real Friend sticks closer than a brother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for all the friends that mean so much to me.  I wish we could have a reunion to hang out, watch movies, and Vega tate and talk all night.  A big old slumber party for us girls to sit around and eat good food and reminisce about all the crazy times we shared together.