fuck you

our friendship means so much to me

when you do this it completly destroys me

you create pain that is stronder then the strongest

and you push my limits to the fullest

then break i break down and and you have won

but instead of caring you turn away

and make me feel numb

the pain that you cause is more painfull

then the pain of 100 knives stabbing you in the back

sadness now owns me

and happiness fades away and dies

so fuckyou for pulling me back under

fuckyou for making me wonder what it would have been like to be closer to happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

jeremy, if ever you stumble upon this web site i want you to know how much you hurt me, i am still recovering from all that pain today.

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mine's picture

hey Jeremy has definetly hurt you lots for you to have used a swear, that's good let's your emotions out. I hope you guys aren't friends anymore even though i don't know both sides of the story. by your poem he hurt you and obviously doesn't deserve to be your friend, unless of cource he did something super nice to make up for it. I like this poem because you write about your emotions after Jeremy's actions. I'm listening to a song that is kinda sad and i'm reminded of my situation with a friend of mine, i feel like i can't tell them that they are causing me pain, i can't figure it out even through that i continue to love them more, crazy huh, even though my friend is completely unaware of the situation i feel like i can relate to this poem, and maybe i should tell this friend that i'm not happy with the friendship or because of the way they are acting just like i said a t the beggining, just end the friendship, that would be hard, it means a lot to them and me. i quess i should call my friends again for advice, i think i'll just leave it and let time do it's thing to avoid hurting my friend. whatever, this poem helped me see that i'm not the only one with friend problems. thanx. -mine *"when a friend does something mean to you you leave them or fix the problem, when a friend does something nice to you, you return the favor" -my philosophy that seems to confuse me now*

Jennifer Schultz's picture

To me, this poem is about that one friend we all have at some point, the one we love even though they continue hurting us, the one we know we must break free from but yet we won't let ourselves for whatever reason. How I hate those friends. Exquisitely written! Your poem here is very provocative and moving. Keep it up! BTW, thanks for taking the time to critique my poetry. =) Made my day! ~Jenny