The Truth

Every where I go,

     Your on me like a hoe.

I always try to hide

     but you won't leave my side

I'm trying to be kind

     but get it throught your mind

Your not the one for me

     So please let it be

How many times must I say

    Just get on your way

Maybe we can be friends

     but watch where you put your hands

Forgive me if you will

     but this is on the real

My love you for has gone

     So please just go on

Your getting on my nerves

    with your stuttering and slurs

Please don't ask why

   but i'm going to say good-bye

its the end of you and me

    This is how its got to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about this boy... in high school... Dec 28,1997

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i am so
very gald
you wrote this one