Is Discrimination in the Kink Community Inherently Bad?

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by DaddyO


Kink "play" is much different than applying for a job or riding in a certain part of a bus. INDIVIDUALS make very personal choices as to who they play with, and those choices are often determined by very complex issues.


"I won't play with so and so, they are too old"


Yes I have heard this many many times. This is perfectly okay coming from the individual I may be wanting to play with, but it is biased discrimination when coming from someone who says "DaddyO shouldn't be playing with so and so because he is too old" (providing everyone involved is of legal age of course).


Yes, it is an opinion, and I believe people have the right to their opinions. Opinions often influence discrimination. Facts are better measures, especially when coming from a consensus or "mob-rule" opinion.


"Sorry you're not the type I normally photograph."


I personally love to photograph all body sizes, but will opt to prioritize body types I personally find more attractive to my tastes. This is because photography is my hobby and my kink. For some photographers, it is ONLY their kink. For others it is only their hobby.


"They are new and can't know anything, so why bother?"


In this case, as a Top, I love playing with new people. From my experience, newbies appear to get more excitement from the experience, and I have found they are not as jaded and able to let go much easier in scene. From a bottom's perspective, I could see playing with an inexperienced Top might be scary and more difficult to trust.


"I don't play with big people."


Once again, this is a personal decision and almost every person finds a certain body size more to their liking. It is very difficult to change what parts of another individual we feel attracted to.


I mean we all have preferences with gender and that is never seen as discrimination. Sometimes breast size and penis size can be seen as discrimination, but here is where my point is made: it is okay!


It is okay to only like 8" or longer penises or size 36 and up breasts!


Whether a person dresses as a bunny rabbit, in spandex or leather, sucks on a binky or wears thigh high boots, are all things we fetishize, so why is it somehow wrong to fetishize body size?


Is it really discrimination or simply a person's preference?


In most cases, as long as it is kept personal and private and relegated to "my opinion" or "my preference" rather than an edict on the community at large, all of this behavior and judgment is warranted and acceptable.


But isn't stating a preference a way of being discriminating?


Discrimination, if done wisely, is not wrong. Just like judging someone isn't wrong, if you use correct judgment!


Like I've said before, "I don't mind being judged, what I hate is being misjudged."

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